Men's Divorce Program: Your Ultimate Divorce Playbook


Get the inside track to leveling the playing field in your divorce.


Discover the critical mistakes men make in divorce – and how to avoid them.


This expert-led, on-demand Men’s Divorce program gives an edge in your divorce that other men in your position never had.


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What if You Could Get Through Divorce Without Stressing About Making Mistakes?


Most men think that divorce is always a disaster and they are destined to pay the price. But the truth is, divorce doesn’t need to be a hostile process.


Hidden assets, being taken to the cleaners, losing parenting time with your kids, parental alienation, your intimate divorce details being shared with the neighborhood.... it doesn't have to be like this.


Creating a smart strategy, encompassing your legal rights, options, and avoiding the pitfalls in divorce, levels the playing field so you can smoothly transition to the next chapter of your life.


The Men’s Divorce Bootcamp helps you create a divorce-winning strategy that minimizes loss and maximizes your ability to quickly move on.


Representing yourself, or going through a DIY divorce? You need this Bootcamp to steer you - and keep - you on the right course. Take charge, avoid errors and get the divorce you want.


Already have an attorney, or about to hire one? The Bootcamp gives you the edge to maximize your attorney’s ability to deliver on your goals. When you are informed and laser-focused, you save your attorney’s time (and your $$$).


Once you’ve completed The Bootcamp, you’ll be in control and ready to secure your future.

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Success Stories From Men Like You

'Laser Focused Strategy'

"This program turned my future around. I went from being completely on the defensive in my divorce, not understanding my rights regarding my kids and assets, to having a laser focused strategy that put my goals within surprisingly easy reach. The checklists alone are worth the money. I highly recommend this to any man going through divorce. " Paul W.

'Program Changed My Life'

"Wish I’d jumped on this course when I first saw it, would’ve saved me thousands! This program changed my life. I was spinning out of control with a year-long divorce process under my belt with nothing to show apart from tens of $$s worth of attorney bills. After doing the Bootcamp, I finally took control and we sorted our divorce within weeks." John P.

'A Divorce Game-Changer'

"This Bootcamp gave me the concrete information I needed to uncover what my ex was doing with our finances. I got wise to her dirty tricks and recovered thousands in lost assets. Eternally grateful to the excellent instructors and for the ability to get answers to all my burning questions from true experts. This program is a divorce game-changer."  Phiilip T.

Your Divorce Playbook: Insider Secrets To Set You Up For Success


Our on-demand Men's Divorce Bootcamp program help you strategically take charge of your divorce so you get the outcomes you want:

  • Your Rights. Protected.
  • Time with your kids. Safeguarded.
  • Your assets. Secured.
  • ...and a quicker, less costly divorce.


If you are ready to take control of your future, then this program is for you.


We have spent over a year distilling this information into a straight-forward, comprehensive program to give you the clear path to your end goal.


The journey to your secure, stable future starts now.


Created by some of the most experienced men’s divorce experts, our “No B.S.” program is filled with the essential tools and tips you need right now to triumph in your divorce.


Here’s what happens once you sign up:

1. You’ll receive full access to the entire Bootcamp immediately. All of the tools and tips you need are broken down into easy-to-follow modules so you can dive in and begin taking control, no matter where you are in your divorce.


2. You’ll get a personal invite to our private Facebook group where you’ll have access to our professional divorce experts. If you have any burning questions about your divorce, our experts will make sure you get the answers you need.


3. You’ll be fully prepared to take control of your divorce immediately. In just a few short weeks, you will have all your bases covered - from protecting your assets to safeguarding your father’s rights, securing your future to controlling your retirement, and everything in between.


4. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the material. Once you’ve uncovered the divorce-winning strategies to help you ace your divorce, you’ll have lifetime access to help you act on the insider secrets and save time and money in your divorce.


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Get the insider secrets, tips, and strategies to gain an edge in your divorce


Don’t let divorce just happen to you. Take control to protect your blindside and get your life back on track... with this information, never commercially available before.


You’ll learn insider secrets such as:

  • How to have an ironclad strategy for divorce through proven concrete actions that will set you up for success

  • The hidden dangers of divorce conflict & how to reveal the truth behind where you and your ex fall on the conflict scale, unlocking your best approach to divorce.
  • How to secure your assets so you can exit divorce with your finances intact.

  • Insider divorce secrets from renowned experts that will shield you against even the dirtiest tricks your spouse or their attorney might attempt.

  • How to zero in on the best attorney for your personal situation and know exactly which breakthrough questions you MUST ask before hiring.

  • How to forensically negotiate and divide assets, and how to anticipate the startling hidden risks involved.

  • The remarkable secrets to overcoming custody battles that will save you significant time, money and stress.

  • The ultimate tricks to keep your calm and cool in tense situations
  • How to select the best attorney for your personal situation and which questions you MUST ask before hiring
  • How to take control of the process if you’ve decided to go through the process without a lawyer and handle the divorce yourself
  • And MUCH more!


What you get:

  • The complete Men’s Divorce Bootcamp program including:


  • 5 modules, containing 65 structured units - over 250 pages packed full of actionable divorce strategies, tips, tools & tactics - never commercially available before, worth $997


  •  7 Laser-Focused Worksheets to help you with everything from figuring out your true objectives to helping you get what you really want in your divorce - and everything in between, worth $397


  • 7 Detailed checklists and 6 Action Plans to keep you on track in your divorce, value $197


  • AUDIO versions of all 5 modules, so you can listen on-the-go or at your convenience, value $199


Also, for a limited time, we are offering the following bonuses:


  • BONUS #1: Access to our private Facebook group to connect directly with our experts, worth $599


  • BONUS #2: Weekly live Q&A each week for 4 weeks, worth $497


  • BONUS #3: Exclusive expert-led videos & webinars, value $115


Total Value? $3000


When you sign up, you’ll get this entire package, valued at $3000 - usually priced at $497!

  ...all for only $297 for a limited time.


Are you ready to be free from the fears of your divorce and from the stress that comes along with it? Then this program is for you.


Gain control of your divorce and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

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A sample from the No-BS Ultimate Men's Divorce program:

Let’s Imagine Your Life The Day After Your Divorce is Finally Finished…


Imagine waking up in the morning, the day after you are divorced. You open your eyes, take a second to adjust, and you realize you have more energy than you’ve had in months.


Your day has started and you feel light, free, and secure.


That’s it. No panicked morning thoughts, no feelings of dread.


You feel like you’ve got your head on straight for the first time in a long time.


Suddenly, you remember that text you got a few weeks ago from your old flame from college. You weren’t sure what to say or how to respond to their dinner offer before, but now you’re ready to start a new chapter.


You laugh thinking about all the horror stories your buddies told you, making you think your divorce would go on forever. The Bootcamp helped you sidestep every crazy situation and dirty trick, putting you back in control of your life again.


We are on a mission to get you living your best life. Are you ready to go after it?


Life is full of potential and possibilities you haven’t thought about in years.


It’s hard to believe right now, but the feeling you’ll have the day after your divorce will be one of pure freedom and relief. In fact, you’ll feel excited for life again.


We’ve developed this program to get you there....

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When It Comes To Your Future, This Single Choice Will Change Your Life


Getting started with this Bootcamp will be the best decision you ever make related to your divorce, if you want to:

● Start calling the shots so you can make sure your future stays in your own hands.

● Protect your blindside and eliminate devastating divorce risks that could ruin you.

● Secure the time you deserve with your kids and protect your rights as a father.


● Lock down your assets and prepare your finances so no one can threaten to steal what's yours.


● Keep your car,your house, and your retirement in your possession - as they should be.


● Safeguard your most precious assets and prevent your ex from taking what's rightfully yours.


● Avoid falling victim to a long, excruciating divorce that could wipe you of all your energy, joy, and free time

● Save piles of your hard-earned money and squash endless cycles of divorce-driven stress

● Avoid common but little-known pitfalls that can rob you of tens of thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye

● Secure TOTAL privacy in divorce and block out nosy neighbors & co-workers so they can’t insert themselves in your business

● Emerge from your divorce feeling free - with your money, retirement, and belongings intact!


But Keep in Mind, This Program Is Not For Everyone


The Men’s Divorce Bootcamp is not right for everyone. This probably is NOT a good fit if you:

  • Are okay with letting divorce just happen to you
  • Don’t care whether your divorce takes years, rather than months
  • Are fine with your ex running the show and having the upper hand in divorce
  • Have already agreed to everything in divorce
  • Are okay with letting the attorneys burn through your money

If you’re not a good fit for this program, that’s okay. If you’re not ready to take control of your divorce and put in the work to own your life, there’s no amount of expert help that will change your outcome.

Our Team of Divorce Experts Have Been Helping Men Take Control in Divorce for Over 20 Years


We know the little things you need to look out for and the big things you need to be prepared for. After working with tens of thousands of men as they navigated through divorce, we’ve seen almost every situation you can imagine - and some you’d never believe.


Your Bootcamp instructors are a team of heavy-hitting divorce law experts with over 20 years of experience. The team includes certified matrimonial lawyers, forensic accountants, CPAs, Marital Family Therapist, mediators, financial experts, and other essential divorce professionals.


In fact, only 2% of attorneys even have the qualifications needed to be certified experts in matrimonial law (a.k.a divorce experts!). The Men’s Divorce Bootcamp was created by these certified matrimonial attorneys, along with other expert divorce professionals who have a deep and nuanced understanding of the courts, divorce law, negotiation strategies, and more.


Freedom From Crippling Stress & Fear is Right Around The Corner


It can be tempting to want to simply give in and get the divorce process over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if you do that, you’ll be trading in the things you have worked hardest for and the things you love most in life for temporary relief.


On the other hand, once you’re fully prepared with a game plan for success, you can get through your divorce on your terms while protecting everything that is important to you.


The Men’s Divorce Bootcamp will give you all the tools you need to confidently move forward and take back control of your future. You NEED this program whether you have an attorney or not.


Time to get your head in the game so you can start living your best life now.

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Most Men Never Get This Information Because These Insider Secrets are NOT Available to the General Public


With information overload from the internet, and drowning in conflicting opinions, it can be hard to know what is going to get you to your ultimate goals.


Add in “advice” from well-meaning friends and family who tout common misconceptions, confusing you even further.


Ultimately, this leaves you with a recipe for disaster - not success.


So, you could search online and post in thousands of forums until your vision gets blurry.


You could try and call every person you know that has gone through a divorce.


You could spend thousands of dollars and countless hours booking appointments with various attorneys, trying to find the best fit and the right information.


Or, you could go through the Men’s Divorce Bootcamp where you’ll learn everything you need, with clear, step-by-step, 'No BS' information and insider secrets put together by some of the top divorce experts in the country.


Our experts have spent tens of thousands of hours helping men like you through divorce. Discover exactly which decisions could change the course of your divorce and exactly which red flags you need to watch out for.

Yes, I Want To Get My Divorce On The Right Track

Our Guarantee To You

Getting started with the Men’s Divorce Boot Camp is risk-free, because we’re pairing our limited-time $297 offer with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


We are so confident that the material we’ve put together for you will be one of the best resources you’ll have throughout your divorce, we’ll issue you a full refund if you don’t agree.


But remember: this program will never give you the results you want if you’re not ready to put the work in. If you put in the effort, you will see results.


This is the rest of your life and without your effort to take control, we can’t guarantee this program - or anything else - will work for you.

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This Program + Access to Our Dedicated Experts Can’t Stay At This Price For Long...


We are able to offer this insider package, including live Q&As with our divorce experts, for a limited time for only $297 instead of our regular price of $497.


But, this information has never been commercially available until now - so we can’t hold this low price forever.


Most attorneys charge between $295 - $495 an hour, and for a limited time, we’re making this program available to you for less than an hour of an attorney’s time.


The $amount you save in attorney hours alone, will pay for this program 100X over - and that doesn’t even include the dozens of other benefits you will gain from this program, saving you even more money, time, and stress.


The special offer price of this program is for a limited time only, at which time the price returns to $497.

Act now to secure it at the special rate of $297!

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Don’t Miss Out on the Life You Could Have Had


Divorce isn’t fun, but the rest of your life should be.


You could try to take it on alone, but be prepared for the risks:


  • You’ll easily spend tens of thousands of dollars in excess legal fees, pay too much (or receive too little) alimony, and other costly mistakes that could have been avoided. This could mean you have zero disposable income each month after paying your basic bills.


  • You may face endless court dates and uncomfortable situations that you’ll need to figure out. Most people don’t know the intricacies and nuances of divorce until they’ve gone through it, so the “learn as you go” approach can be dreadful.


  • Your future and the way you spend your money, your time, and even your retirement could be decided by your ex. If you don’t understand your rights as a father or have proper tools & strategies in place, it’s likely your ex will have the upper hand which will create lifelong implications for you.


Or, you could have all of the tools you need at your fingertips, through the Men’s Divorce Bootcamp so you can maintain control of your life and dodge mountains of stress and debt.


Trust us. Starting this program will be the single greatest decision you will make in your divorce and its impact will last long after your divorce is finalized.


There’s Nothing To Lose. Are You Ready To Take Hold of Your Future?

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